Things to taste in Ghent


If you need to get away for a bit and don’t feel like travelling very far, go to Belgium. It’s close, but of a much different atmosphere than the Netherlands. One of my favourite Belgian cities is Ghent. Not only because of the little squares and beautiful buildings, but also because of its exuberant nature.


Belgian Waffles


Of course! A Belgian waffle. Who doesn’t like those? Naturally you don’t have to go especially to Ghent for these. You could also get them in any other Belgian city. But it’s a good place to start now that you’re there anyway. On the Korenmarkt you will find a waffle stand with a massive queue in front of it. But it’s more than worth the wait, because the waffles you get there are nice and crispy on the outside and still a bit chewy in the middle. Nom nom nom.


Ghent Noses


A few weeks before I’d gone to Ghent, I was in Bruges and looking for these famous purple cone-shaped sweets. My bad… Because they’re not called Bruges noses, but Ghent noses or cuberdons. Ghent is rife with places selling these. On the Groentemarkt, across from the Groot Vleeshuis, you will find two competing stands, both claiming they have the best noses in town. The cuberdons have a thin, hard layer on the outside and are filled with a thick, sticky syrup. They taste like raspberries. I didn’t really like them. Too sweet…


Ganda ham

GentIn the Groot Vleeshuis you can see these ripening hams hanging from the beams. There they will stay for 9-14 months, depending on the size of the ham. Under the hams you can sit at a table and grab a bite to eat.


You could also buy other local products and foods in the little shop attached to the Groot Vleeshuis. A good place for an original souvenir.









Ghentian Gruut


Personally I’m not a beer drinker, but if you are, Belgium is the place for you. In Ghent they have Ghentian Gruut, but there are other local beers as well. This little shop across from the Gravensteen of Ghent (De Burcht) sells a large variety. The brewery of Ghentian Gruut is also open for visitors. Check their website to find out more.


Have you ever been to Ghent? What did you eat there? Tips would be welcome!


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